So you have a nice new HDTV, wouldn’t it be cool to see your computer screen on it? Well you can, and it is super easy. Most new HDTV’s come equipped with a Standard VGA input spot on the back that allows a standard monitor cable (VGA) to plug into the back. If you are a lucky one and your computer came with an HDMI output spot then you can connect with an HDMI cord for a better display.

To connect your HDTV and your computer follow these steps.

Option 1.
Look for a VGA input port on the back of the TV set. Most HDTV sets will have a VGA port available. Look for the trapezoid-shaped port with 15 pinholes within it and a screw hole on each side–just like the port on the back of a computer monitor. Plug a VGA cable into your HDTV and your computer. Select the VGA input on your HDTV and your computer should recognize your HDTV as a monitor. When connecting with a VGA cable your audio will not be sent through your TV, you will need a separate male to male audio cable to put into your audio ports.

Option 2.
So you are a lucky one with an HDMI output on your computer. If you do have this output then all you would have to do is connect an HDMI cord from your HDTV to your computer. Your computer should recognize your HDTV as a monitor and switch views. A good thing about connecting through HDMI is that your audio is processed through this cord so you get HD audio as well.

If your computer doesn’t automatically switch views then check the input of your HDTV and make sure you have selected the correct input choice. Also check your display settings located in your control panel under personalize or display settings.

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