Evansville Freedom Fest Patriot Cams provided by On-Site Computer Solutions, Insight Communications, and News25.us
Update: The Patriot Cams were a big success. The web cams were viewed over
6,000 times per day, and over a million images were served. (On Friday,
we had so much traffic that we temporarily brought the web server to
its knees.) Thank you for helping make the Freedom
a great event. We look forward to an even bigger and better next year!

In classic style, the Evansville
Freedom Festival Patriot Cams, will be brought to you live by On-Site
Computer Solutions, Insight
, and News25.us.
There will be 3 web cams, to keep you up to date on the happenings at
the river, and at the airport.

While you are there, make sure
to check out the TOTALLY FREE Wireless 802.11 G/B (Wi-Fi) High Speed
Internet Access, also provided by On-Site Computer Solutions and
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Insight Broadband

On-Site Computer Solutions is a proud supporter of the Evansville Freedom Festival

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