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As the Evansville IceMen of the Central Hockey League commence preparations for the dawning of a brand new era with their move into Evansville’s exciting new downtown state-of-the-art arena for the 2011-12 pro hockey season, the local franchise has taken yet another forward, progressive step in their overall profile and presentation.

On Friday, the IceMen organization has announced the launching of an all-new web-site through a marketing partnership with On-Site Computer Solutions of Evansville. The IceMen all-new web-site will formally debut this coming Monday, June 6th. All IceMen fans will still be able to access the new “site” through the same domain name at

Some of the many features of this IceMen fan-friendly new web-site will include a modern focus and approach centered on the IceMen new home of the new downtown Evansville arena. Fans will find that the new web-site will offer total and complete players’ statistical integration expressly to better understand what the viewers are looking at and how long they are looking at it.

In addition, the new web-site will include integrated social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter for even more fan interaction. A new “Fan Forum” will also be introduced to enhance the linking of the fans to the IceMen team and encourage discussion on the happenings of their Evansville pro hockey team. IceMen fans/viewers will enjoy an innovative and creative ad rotation system that changes the displayed advertising tiles every time the page is refreshed.

From the IceMen organization’s perspective, the new web-site also possesses some exemplary and extraordinary features.

There is a full content management system that allows the IceMen organization to effect changes to the web-site at any time whatsoever without the assistance of On-Site Computer Solutions.

Also, the new web-site has been constructed on a system that will allow for future growth of the web-site with the overall ability to add and increase many new features and aspects of the IceMen new web-site.

As an integral part of this new partnership, On-Site Solutions will also serve as the official Web-Master for the IceMen new web-site.

On-Site Computer Solutions operates under the auspices of Principal Web Solutions and is located at 600 N. Weinbach #940 in Evansville. “Internet Power for Real Business,” the company’s president is John LaFief while the creation and construction of the new web-site is authored by Alex Mourer.

A Microsoft small business specialist, their web-site is

For the past three years, the IceMen web-site was overseen on an independent contracting arrangement with Michael Shockley. The IceMen organization wishes to express many thanks to Michael for his time, talent, hard work and overall services for a job well done.

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