When I read this blog post, I couldn’t help but to pass it on. This article highlights 10 things that I have harped on repeatedly over the last 10 years.

You must take care of your computer networks or you are asking for trouble.

5of the top 10 are personally things I have talked about until my face began to turn blue.

1. Virus Protection – don’t leave home without it.

2. Spam Protection – How much time do you waste on junk mail.

3. Power Protection – This is the cheapest insurance you can buy. Get high quality surge supressors and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (not just power strips).

4. Backups – Backup Backup Backup. If you don’t backup your data, you WILL lose it at some point.

5. Spyware – Don’t download that program. It is not good for your computer. I promise.


These and 5 more are on this Tech Republic blog post:


Every CEO should read this post, and take it to heart.